Since 1998, Scott Hogg and Associates, SHA, have been working with clients around the world, in support of their mineral exploration endeavours. Since 1972 Scott Hogg has worked in the airborne geophysical industry, developing systems and software to meet the specific needs of projects and clients. These custom designed survey systems and interpretive software solutions have made SHA a key player in helping exploration companies identify the geophysical and geological targets they are searching for.

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May 2016 - SHA is set to begin another Heli-GT survey in Northern Quebec, Canada. Honey Badger Exploration Inc will use the Heli-GT system to map magnetic detail withn the company's LG Diamond Project region.


October 2015 - SHA completes Heli-GT survey in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

The system's ability to map complex geological detail makes it an ideal tool in diamond exploration.


Sept 2015 - SHA completes flying another Heli-GT survey in British Columbia, Canada.

Heli-GT data processed using SHA's GT-Grid process offers outstanding results in mountainous terrain.


March 2015 - SHA completes flying another Heli-GT survey in Northern Ontario.

When Heli-GT data is processed using SHA's proprietary GT-Grid process, complex geology can be mapped in great detail.


February 2015 - SHA finishes flying Heli-GT survey in Northern Ontario.


Scott Hogg and Associates appeared in the March, 2015 edition of Exploration Trends and Development Magazine.