• Magnetic Levelling
Magnetic Levelling.

Scott Hogg & Associates have developed a fully integrated magnetic levelling system to provide our clients with the highest quality results in the shortest possible time. LVL-WIN has been designed to provide the operator with a highly efficient and comprehensive system that is dedicated to the task of magnetic diurnal correction.

  • Linked scroll windows to move throughout the project.
  • View Corrected Total Field plus micro-level residual in real time.
  • Point and Click Interaction with lines and intersections.
  • User specified map orientation for convenient horizontal or vertical view of lines.
Control Line Corrections include an auto-determined DC-shift plus a user defined, segmented, linear sloping datum. In the Control Line profile window illustrated above; the raw magnetic data is presented as a green profile and the intersection differences as green rectangles. The red boxes and their connecting linear red line is a user-specified control line correction that reduces the difference between corrected control values and raw traverse line values. Once the appropriate correction has been established for the control lines, the presentation is rotated, with the push of a button, for convenient analysis of the traverse lines. In the Traverse Line profile window below, the magnetic profile is presented in blue and the difference between raw traverse value and corrected control line is presented as red rectangles. A suggested micro-level correction is presented for general reference as a green profile. Intersections may be ignored in active unreliable areas or they may be overridden and converted to user specified values or in an appropriately quiet area set to comply with the indicated micro-level correction. The Total Field and Micro-level residual window continuously updated the results and corrections in effect.
This advanced levelling system combined with our unique, state of the art gridding and mapping software; SI-GRID, MG-GRID and GT-GRID, enables Scott Hogg & Associates Ltd. to provide our customers with magnetic maps and services of outstanding resolution and quality. When planning your next aeromagnetic survey don’t settle for the conventional. Let us show you how the next generation of aeromagnetic survey systems and software can maximize resolution, quality and value.
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