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Heli-GT: Helicopter towed 3-Axis magnetic gradiometer system.

Introducing the state of the art Heli-GT: a helicopter towed triaxial magnetic gradiometer system. When paired with SHA's GT-Grid process this system provides our clients with magnetic maps of the highest resolution and accuracy possible.

Some key features of the Heli-GT include:

  +A unique design to provide geo-referenced magnetic gradients to work with our GT-Grid process for exceptional map resolution and quality.
  +All sensors including GPS and Radar Altimeter are on the bird.
  +Measurements are fully independant of crosswind, lag, pitch, roll and yaw.

The Heli-GT system at work in North Western Ontario. Also, see some photos of the Heli-GT around Canada HERE.


The Heli-GT System airborne in B.C. Canada


The Heli-GT offers magnetic maps of the highest resolution and accuracy available.

Heli-GT: High Resolution Mapping.
Heli-GT: High Resolution Mapping.pdf
Heli-GT: Brigus Gold Corp.
4Bird's Eye View

Use Heli-GT to See All the Detail

Presented are the calculated vertical magnetic gradients from 3 surveys. The Spectrum system GDS 1055, the Input/Geotem system GDS 1001 and the Heli-GT, helicopter towed, three-axis magnetic gradiometer system with
GT-GRID processing.

Heli-GT: Brigus Gold Example.pdf