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Scott Hogg & Associates Ltd.

  Discovery is our business.
    Geophysics is our specialty
    From sensors > systems > surveys> software > drill siting.
    Innovation is our norm.
    We see what needs to be done, identify what can be done and do it.
Since 1998, Scott Hogg and Associates has been working with clients around the world throughout their mineral exploration endeavours. Owning and operating all of their custom designed survey systems and interpretive software solutions, SHA has been a key player in helping exploration companies identify the geophysical and geological targets they are looking for.

Scott Hogg, a geophysicist and professional engineer, has worked for aiborne geophysical companies since 1972 including Northway, Questor, Aerodat and High-Sense. His focus was not only on the airborne hardware but on the processing and interpretation software that complemented the system.

Several major past innovations by Scott Hogg include:

At Northway in 1978 he Scott Hogg designed the first convolution and FFT based decorrugation algorithms to remove levelling errors from magnetic and gamma spectrometer data. This technique is the foundation of current mico-levelling techniques.
Upward Looking Gamma Detectors
At Northway in 1979 he developed a processing procedure to calibrate an upward looking gamma spectrometer detector for atmospheric radon correction.
Data Processing
At Aerodat in 1981 with colleague Ray Whitton, Scott Hogg designed the most advanced data processing system. The design of the airborne profile database was adopted by Geosoft for their Oasis Montaj environment.
Magnetometer Frequency Measurement
At Aerodat in 1982 Scott Hogg developed a digital period measurement technique to accurately measure the frequency output from multiple sensors at any sample rate with a resolution limited only by frequency of a reference oscillator. The method is still the highest standard today.
Exploration_87_recent advances in high sensitivity and high resolution aeromagnetics.pdf
Transient Helicopter EM System At Aerodat in 1983 Scott Hogg conceived of a helicopter towed, time domain electromagnetic system. The prototype with 2 transmitter axes, 3 reciever axes and variable waveform was completed and successfully flown in 1987. It proved the concept for subsequent airborne EM developments by Aeroquest and Geotech.
New helicopter-towed multigeometry transient electronmagnetic system.pdf

In 1996 Scott Hogg joined Spider Resources to manage and interpret an aeromagnetic search for kimberlites in the James Bay Lowlands. The discovery of the MacFadyen and Kyle series of kimberlites pipes under more than 100m of cover rekindled his interest in interpretation and the aeromagnetic method. Scott Hogg & Associates have since provided exploration consulting services worldwide for kimberlites, base metals and gold.

Innovation with new systems and software is ongoing. New and Unique developments by Scott Hogg & Associates include:


A new interactive gridding technique to improve maps in areas with complex geology and too-wide line spacing.
A new dedicated user interface for accurate and efficient aeromagnetic control line levelling
A new proprietary algorithm to make a true total field map that fully incorporates the measured gradients for exceptional resolution and accuracy.
The only Magnetic and Gravity Gradient inversion technique to handle up to 5 bodies in a single scenario. The only inversion technique available that can model multiple components of full tensor airborne gravity gradients.
The only fully self contained helicopter towed 3-Axis magnetic gradiometer. It provides geo-referenced gradient measurement to optimize the high resolution mapping capability of the GT-Grid algoritm.
Practicalities, pitfalls and new developments in airborne magnetic gradiometry.pdf
The aeromagnetic discovery of kimberlites and sulphides at depths up to 200m.pdf
A new helicopter towed 3-axis magnetic gradiometer and mapping system.pdf
Airborne Geophysics in the James Bay Lowlands and Ring of Fire.pdf